Lady Express Summer Schedule

She’s running every day, all summer long! Stay tuned for even more exciting schedules to come…

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Running Everyday Starting May 22nd

Coming Friday, May 22nd, we will be running a boat everyday for the summer!

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Here is our updated May Schedule. Please to not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Stay safe and healthy!

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Gift Certificates Available!

During this time, we have strongly encouraged folks to not travel with us for the safety and heath of everyone. Because of this, we know some fun trips have to be postponed.
If you or someone you know wants to take a trip up Lake Chelan and have a fun adventure in Stehekin for a couple hours or a couple days, you can purchase one of our gift certificates now so you can go play later!
We know we are excited to be out and about again and a gift certificate is a great way to keep the excitement going for planning some future fun!

Call 509.682.4584 or email to purchase your Lady of the Lake Gift Certificate.

We can’t wait to see you all again. Thank you all for your continued support!

Policy Change Customer Guide

Our new and improved policy updates! 1/24/2020

Pets are allowed on Express in the summer!

– You must provide your own crate

– The cost is $25 (one-way)

– Reservations are a MUST. Space will be limited

– Pets must be in a crate at all times, and someone must be with them. They have to stay on the lower outer deck and you will have an assigned spot.

Happy to announce we now have a Senior Citizen Rate

– A 5% discount to passenger fares, for adults 65 and over

Frequent Travel Program

– For each individual traveler, who purchases 3 of the same ticket type within one year, will earn a 4th ticket of that type for free!

– Ticket must be purchased and used by the same traveler

– It is an improvement from the commuter rate where you had to purchase 4 and get the 5th free, so you pay less in the long run!

– This program will replace our older commuter program. All commuter tickets purchased prior to 1/24/2020 will be honored for a year.

Freight Update

– Passengers are now allowed 2 parcels, total weight not to exceed 100lbs (you get an extra 25 pounds) per adult/senior

– 1 parcel (50lbs) per child

– No one item can weigh over 75 pounds. Extra parcels are charged at $5.00, or $.10 per pound, whichever is greater

– Charge is per parcel. Not based on total weight of a multiple items, so make sure you are packaging items accordingly. This is to reduce the number of pieces we have to handle on a daily basis!

Grocery Pickup still offered?

Yes! We are still offering the same service

– We pickup groceries at Chelan Market and Safeway. The fee is still $5.00 pickup fee, plus the freight charge which is a minimum $7.75, or .10 per pound. These are still shipments based on total weight of multiple items, not charged per parcel

– The primary reason it was removed from the tariff is to give us more flexibility in adding pick up locations and providing more services in the future.

Loop Tickets

– Lucerne to Stehekin LOOP ticket is now available

o What is it? Passengers (with a Lucerne Round trip ticket) can get on at Lucerne and go up to Stehekin for just $5.25 per adult, much better than the previous charge of $12.75!

o This is to encourage all passengers that travel to and from Lucerne to extend their trip, and make it all the way up Lake Chelan

o Even if only for a short time, don’t miss out on a chance to extend the experience. Visit Stehekin!

Short Hop Tickets

– Short hop tickets are $10.00 per adult

o These apply to any travel between any points not beginning or ending at Chelan or Fields Pt. So once you are uplake you can easily hop on and off at other points along the lake for a minimal fee

o Short hop tickets would include “hopping” over to places such as Moore Point, or Prince Creek

o When would I use the short hop? Maybe you want to take the boat to Moore Point and spend the afternoon hiking back. It allows you to explore the upper Lake Chelan Valley at your own pace.

Important Ticket Update

– Tickets are now only good for the travel date, no longer good for one year

– We know, this one is the big scary one. We will honor all tickets purchased prior to 1/24 for one year, based on space available basis, as that was the policy in place at the time of purchase

– As we move forward, we will be flexible and honor tickets on a different travel date until we have a new system in place that allows for changing dates

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any further questions.
Thank you! 509-682-4584

Shannon or Krissa or

Winterfest Fireworks Cruise

Public Notice

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”TS-191009 WUTC Lake Chelan Boat Company Public Notice Letter 2019″]

The Stehekin Pastry Company is opening for winter hours!

The famous Stehekin Pastry Company, renowned by hikers, boat-trippers and locals alike has a special holiday treat this year! The Bakery will be opening its doors Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, December 27th-30th from 11-2 for folks to come enjoy hot lunch and delicious treats that are not usually possible to get during the off-season. The Lake Chelan Boat Company will run the Lady Express on an additional run, Saturday the 28th to help folks get up to Stehekin to enjoy this unique opportunity!

The Stehekin Pastry Company has been operating for 30 years under owners Robbie and Cragg Courtney. The bakery started out small and simple and has progressed and expanded as business has grown. The first renovation was many years ago, it was an addition to the original building to add more seating and a deli area. Last spring, the bakery moved all the souvenirs and merchandise, which had been in a corner of the bakery, over to a small gift shop adjacent to the bakery. Just this winter, the whole roof was reinsulated, and a covered walkway was added to the front of the building to make the bakery winter-friendly.

The bakery usually closes in October and doesn’t reopen until mid-May. Many valley residents stock up on bread, pizza and pastries to freeze and then pull out during the winter months for a special treat. But, there is no comparison to the fresh-out-of-the-oven option!

Taking the Lady Express up to Stehekin and having lunch at the Stehekin Pastry Company is the perfect activity for the holiday season. During the week between Christmas and New Years it is often difficult to find activities to fill the days and this is a fantastic option whether it be with a friend, significant other or your whole family!

Departing the Chelan boat dock at 10am and returning at 4pm gives you the best of the daylight hours to enjoy the beautiful views of the snow-capped cascades and snap some great photos. You can enjoy hot coffee or tea as well as snacks on board the boat and still make it home before dark!

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