Freight and Packing Guidelines

All items must be labeled with name, contact information and destination.


  • Pets must remain in a pet cage and the owner must stay with the pet, which will remain in the designated pet area, on the outer deck, at all times while underway.
  • Please reserve space for pet transport, there is a maximum number of pets allowed to be transported each day, due to space restrictions.
  • Pets weighing 100 lbs. or less are allowed on the “Lady Express” in the winter and the “Lady of the Lake II” during the summer.  Pets are NOT transported on the Lady Express from May 1 – October 15.  
    The following are the pet related rates:
  • $7.25 one-way in the owner’s cage / $13.50 one-way in a Boat Company cage.
  • $14.50 round-trip in the owner’s cage / $27.00 round-trip in a Boat Company cage.
  • The charge is per pet, not per cage.  If 2 pets are transported together in one Boat Company cage, the charge is $20.75 each way ($13.50 + $7.25).  Pets may only be combined into one cage if the size of the cage will comfortably accommodate both of them.  Lake Chelan Boat Company does not guarantee the availability of cages large enough to accommodate two pets.
    For the pet and service animal policy click here

Freight Allowances

  • 75 lbs. is allowed per adult ticket at no additional charge
  • 40 lbs. is allowed per child ticket at no additional charge
  • No single package is to exceed 55 lbs.
  • Freight above the allowed limits may be refused, or if taken will be charged an additional charge (see Freight Rates, below)
  • Items that cannot be safely stacked and stowed will be taken at the discretion of the Captain and charged at Special Handling Rates (listed below)
  • You are allowed one carry-on item.  The size limit is 12″ wide by 8.5″ high by 16″ deep, and it must be stowed below your seat.  All other belongings must be stowed as freight.

Freight Rates 

  • Freight exceeding the weight allowed with ticket purchase is charged a minimum of $6.75 per 75 lbs. or $.09 per lb. or $.85 per cubic feet, whichever is greater.
  • If any single item requires special handling or exceeds 55 pounds, that piece must be charged at Special Handing rates (see Special Handling)

Special Handling Description and Rates 

  • Individual items in excess of the 55 pound limit (transporting is at the discretion of the Boat Company and Captain) Please inquire if you have a request to transport an item over this weight limit.  Occasionally exceptions will be made if the item cannot be broken down and it can be rolled on and off with a hand cart or if the customer loads and unloads the item.
  • Items requiring special handling, for example: strollers, flowers, paintings, glass items, or other fragile items.
  • Any item that is not able to be safely stacked or stowed with other freight
  • Minimum charge for a single “Special Handling” shipment is $13.50 for up to 75 lbs., if over 75 lbs. it is pro-rated at $.18 per lb. or .85 cents per cubic foot, whichever is greater.


  • Baggage must be in suitable (sturdy) containers or packages that are able to be safely stacked and stowed, without causing damage to that package or to the belongings of others.
  • Baggage must be able to be handled safely and easily in bulk by one person
  • No OVERSIZED or BULKY items
  • No plastic or paper bags
  • No shoes/boots or poles tied onto bag/packs
  • No hooks on fishing poles


  • Must have ice-ax and cramp-ons removed and set aside for individual loading
  • Remove dangling items such as shoes, boots, clothing, Nalgene bottles, hiking poles, etc.


  • All strollers must be empty, collapsed and stowed underway. 
  • Umbrella strollers are allowed as normal freight.
  • All other strollers can be transported as Special Handling freight ($13.50 each way) and must be empty and folded down to the smallest size possible.


  • Normal size bicycles (no over sized/tamdem/electric bikes)
  • $13.50 one-way
  • $27.00 round-trip
  • Unassembled, crated bicycles will be charged according to weight at normal freight rates
  • Please reserve space for bike transport, there is a maximum number of bikes allowed to be transported each day, due to space restrictions.

Canoes/Boats/Paddle boards/Kayaks 

  • Canoes, Boats and Paddle boards, etc are NOT allowed or transported on the vessels
  • Kayaks are allowed by reservation only, due to space restrictions we only transport 3 at a time, not available during Holiday periods.
    The charge is .85 cents per cubic foot per one-way.
    Length maximums are: May-Oct 15: maximum 18 feet / Oct 16-April 30: maximum 15 feet.
  • The compartments in the kayak must be empty.
  • Kayaks are transported to and from regular stops only, not flag stops.
  • Kayaks must be able to be stacked. If they are fragile and cannot be stacked we are not able to take them.


  • Must be unloaded with the bolt open
  • Must be presented to the Captains separate from other luggage
  • Will be transported in the pilot house with the Captains – NO EXCEPTIONS

Game Animals 

  • The greater of $22.50 minimum charge or .18 cents per lb one-way per animal
  • Game must be gutted and in game bags for transport
  • Head and horns must be attached to each other as one parcel
  • Animal must be tagged

Flammable Fuels 

  • Allowed in small quantities necessary for cooking.
  • Must be presented to the Captains separate from other luggage for proper storage per state safety regulations
  • No Gasoline

Gas Powered Items 

  • No motorized vehicles – including scooters and mopeds
  • Chainsaws must be empty of fuel with the blade padded and wrapped