The Fleet

Our current fleet provides an experience for all. From historic and scenic to speedy and efficient. Take one of our vessels both ways on Lake Chelan, or, go up on one boat and take another down for a combo trip. Whatever you decide, it will be a wonderful experience on Lake Chelan!

Lady of the Lake

Our classic vessel! Her first launch on Lake Chelan was in 1976. The Lady is our largest vessel and is licensed to carry up to 285 passengers. With a cruising speed of a leisurely 15mph, she is great for experiencing all of Lake Chelan. She not only gets you were you want to go, but she gives an experience while on the water as well. A cruise up to Stehekin, from Chelan, takes 4 hours.

Lady Express

The Lady Express is the work horse of our fleet. Gets you where you need to go at a decent speed that doesn’t sacrifice the views. She is licensed to carry up to 145 passengers. She started sailing in 1990 and has been our ol’ reliable ever since. Cruising a speed of 28mph she can get folks to Stehekin from Chelan in 2.5 hours.

Lady Cat

Our fastest boat, yet! The Lady Cat is new to some, but she actually ran for a few years, from 1998-2005! She sat idle for 15 years until the new owners of the Lake Chelan Boat Company dusted her off and started running her again during the summer of 2020. Because of the Lady Cat, we now can offer longer layovers in Stehekin! She can carry up to 43 passengers and cruises at a efficient speed of 45mph, making travel time from Chelan to Stehekin under 1.5 hours.