Stehekin is a small community at the head of Lake Chelan and is located in the North Cascades National Recreation Area.  This is the last up lake destination for all voyages and where passengers disembark the boats to enjoy a layover on day trips to the area.

Stehekin offers many different recreational opportunities and accommodations.

Visit the National Park Service Website for: Stehekin Hiking Trails and Campgrounds

Named by the Indians, STEHEKIN means “The Way Through”, in their case, the way through the mountains to trade with Pacific Coast tribes. Although there are twenty some miles of road up the Stehekin River Valley, the only way to reach this remote community is by water, float plane, or hiking over mountain trails.

The residents and businesses in Stehekin rely on boats and barges to bring them everything from groceries and supplies, to cars, equipment, building materials, and of course, tourists. There are approximately 80 year ‘round residents of Stehekin, who join us in the tourism activities of Spring, Summer and Fall.

A small convenience store is open at the North Cascades Lodge, but for most groceries, the closest grocery store is down lake 50 miles in Chelan. Residents are able to send a grocery list along with a blank check to the store in Chelan for their order to be filled. Their groceries are then picked up and delivered to the dock in Stehekin by Lake Chelan Boat Company. As you would suspect they may be a little better at planning than those of us who have a store just down the street. The U.S. Mail travels on the passenger boats also.

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