Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair Access

Regular type wheelchairs, not exceeding 25 inches in width are advised.

The boats are able to best accommodate regular sized wheelchairs,(23.5 inches in width), to differing degrees, dependant on the time of the year and the lake levels.

The waters of Lake Chelan are drawn down beginning in early September and are not brought back up to full pool until July 1.  With each change of water level, boarding access is changed.  Please call us to determine what the wheelchair accessibilty is for the time you wish to travel, 509-682-4584.

Wheelchair access to flag stops is not possible due to the bow ramp boarding and lack of docks at flag stops.

Powered and cart-type chairs are difficult to accommodate because of their size and weight and make boarding difficult to impossible.

Those who have powered wheelchairs or powered scooters and wish to travel to Holden Village or Stehekin need to be aware of the following.  Due to the ever-changing water levels and boarding situations, use of powered wheel chairs and scooters have limited access to and on the vessels.

In the Fall-Winter-Spring seasons boarding is done mostly on upper levels of the vessels and access to the restroom and snack bar areas on the vessels is limited.  During the Summer season, powered wheelchairs and scooters will be restricted to the lower front bow cabin on the Lady of the Lake II, and to the outer back deck on the Lady Express.  Also boarding ramps at up lake stops are limited to 25 inches in width, so powered wheelchairs and scooters must be under this width.

We recommend the use of regular conventional  type chairs that are within the 25 inch width if at all possible.  We also recommend boarding the vessels at the Chelan dock, since the boarding facility is better suited for boarding.

 NOTE:   We recommend the conventional type chairs so the individual can fully enjoy the total experience of traveling on our vessels.