Lady of the Lake
Year-Round Schedule

The Lady of the Lake provides year-round scenic transportation on Lake Chelan. Daily service is available during the High Season of May 1 through October 15th.  Service continues through the Off Season of October 16th through April 30th, with one of the vessels running on varying schedules.

During the period of June 15th through September 30th, both the Lady Express and the Lady of the Lake II run, providing multiple travel options on the same day. During slower periods of the year (Off Season), the Lady Express provides a nice day trip of just 6 hours including the layover in Stehekin.  The views are majestic and wildlife is frequently seen.

Areas served are Chelan, Field’s Point, Stehekin, Lucerne (port of Holden Village), and other safe flag stop points along Lake Chelan.

Those traveling for a day trip can enjoy a layover at Stehekin, the head of Lake Chelan and the gateway to the North Cascades National Park. The layover times differ depending on your choice of sailing vessel and schedule.  All other points along the way are made to pick up and drop off passengers only.

May 1st through October 15th

October 16th  through April 30th