High Season Schedules

May 1st-October 15th

“Lady of the Lake II”
May 1st – October 15th

The Lady of the Lake II is the largest of the fleet and operates on the schedule posted below.

“Lady Express”

Memorial Day Weekend – Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon
June 1st-14th – Sat and Sun
June 15th – September 30th – Daily

The Lady Express joins the Lady II providing you a choice of the two schedules. It also makes the combination trip of going one way on each of the boats available. The Combination trip provides you a 3 hour layover at the head of Lake Chelan, (Stehekin) if you’re making the trip in one day.

To purchase your tickets – call 888-682-4584 or inquire with one of the links below

Lady of the Lake II

Daily May 1st – October 15th


The Lady of the Lake II is the largest vessel in the fleet, accommodating up to 285 passengers. She has a spacious deck for outdoor viewing, and transports you in style. Along the way, the Captain provides light narration on the folklore and points of interest. This leisurely cruise departs Chelan at 8:30am, arrives in Stehekin at 12:30pm, allowing a 90 minute layover, and returns to Chelan at 6pm. While in Stehekin, take the Rainbow Falls Bus Tour, explore the landing area including the National Park Visitor Center or enjoy lunch at the Landing. The scenic setting is relaxing and spectacular.

All times are departure times.

Chelan Boat Co Dock 8:30am
Field’s Point Landing 9:45am
*Prince Creek 11:00am
Lucerne (Port of Holden Village) 11:45am
*Moore Point 12:15pm
Arrive in Stehekin 12:30pm
90 Minute Layover
Stehekin 2:00pm
*Moore Point 2:15pm
Lucerne (Port of Holden Village) 2:30pm
*Prince Creek 3:15pm
Field’s Point Landing 4:45pm
Arrive in Chelan 6:00pm
Rates One Way Round Trip
Chelan/Field’s Point to Stehekin $24.00 $40.50
Chelan/Field’s Point to Lucerne $22.25 $35.75

Lady Express

Memorial Day weekend : Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
June 1st -14th: Sat and Sun
June 15th – September 30th : Daily


The Lady Express can accommodate up to 130 passengers and offers a faster trip on the lake, making the cruise to Stehekin in 2.5 hours.  The Lady Express may be a faster boat, but you can still enjoy the views and narration. Upon arrival at the landing you will have a 60 minute layover, which allows you enough time to take the Rainbow Falls Bus Tour or to explore the landing area including the National Park Visitor Center.

All times are departure times.

Chelan Boat Co Dock 8:30am
Field’s Point Landing 9:20am
Arrive in Stehekin 11:00am
60 minute Layover
Stehekin 12:00pm
Lucerne (Port of Holden Village) 12:20pm
Field’s Point Landing 1:45pm
Arrive in Chelan 2:45pm
Rates One Way Round Trip
Chelan/Field’s Point to Stehekin $37.00 $61.00
Lucerne to Chelan/Field’s Point $34.50 N/A

Lady Express/Lady II 

Memorial Day weekend : Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
June 1st -14th: Sat and Sun
June 15th – September 30th : Daily


Take the Lady Express to Stehekin and return on the Lady of the Lake II. This gives you a 3 hour layover, to truly explore Stehekin without staying overnight.

The Lady Express will get you to Stehekin in about 2.5 hours, giving you a 3 hour layover before the departure of the Lady of the Lake II.  This allows you the maximum Stehekin layover time of all travel options.  You have time to have lunch, take the Rainbow Falls Bus Tour or rent bicycles, visit the gift shop, and take a tour of the National Park Service’s Golden West Visitor Center. You will leave Stehekin on the Lady of the Lake II at approximately 2pm and enjoy a leisurely trip back to Field’s Point or Chelan.

All times are departure times.

Chelan Boat Co Dock 8:30am
Field’s Point Landing 9:20am
Arrive in Stehekin 11:00am
3 hour layover
Stehekin 2:00pm
Lucerne (Port of Holden Village) 2:30pm
Field’s Point Landing 4:45pm
Arrive in Chelan 6:00pm
Rates Round Trip
Chelan/Field’s Point to Stehekin $61.00

*Flag stop only when landing is safe.

Children age 2 through 11 are half fare, Children under 2 ride for free

Schedules and rates are subject to change without notice. Delays in schedule may occur during peak season and holidays.

General Information

Locating us, Parking and Boarding

View our full “Locate Us page” here

The Chelan dock is located one mile south of downtown Chelan on Highway 97A.  The address is 1418 W. Woodin Ave, Chelan WA 98816. Day parking is free at the Chelan dock.  There is a fee for overnight parking which is in a fenced lot located across the Highway. The charge is $10.00 per night or $60.00 for the week. You will need to pick up a parking pass in the front office and place this pass on your dashboard on the driver’s side.

Field’s Point Landing is located about 30 minutes from Chelan on South Lakeshore Drive (Hwy971).  There is a charge for day and overnight parking at Field’s Point Landing.

Boarding begins approximately 30 minutes prior to departure from Chelan, and upon arrival of the boats at Field’s Point Landing.  The boats depart promptly as scheduled.

Ticket Purchase and Credit Card use

To guarantee passage you must purchase tickets.  Call 888-682-4584.  We accept VISA, MC, and Discover by phone or at the Chelan port.  We also accept credit cards at Field’s Point during the summer season.  Credit cards are not accepted underway or at the remote up lake ports.

Click Here to send us a ticket request.

Freight allowance, Luggage and Carry-ons

Be be prepared to stow your belongings, except your small carry-on.  Do not stow money, medicine, tickets or other important items you will need underway. They will not be accessible to you until you reach your final destination.

Carry-On—Passengers are allowed one small carry-on item. The item cannot exceed 12” wide x 8.5” high x 16” deep and must be stowed under your seat for the safety and comfort of all passengers.  This can include a lunch as long as it does not exceed this size and does not include alcoholic beverages.

Packaging—Freight of all kinds must be packaged in suitable containers to be stacked and stowed en route. Freight must be packaged in a manner to protect your belongings and the belongings of others. Lake Chelan Boat Company will not accept responsibility for damage occurring due to improper packaging.

Labeling—Please mark all freight items with name, contact information, and destination.

Freight Allowance—Passengers are allowed 75 lbs. of normal freight per adult ticket and 40 lbs. per child ticket (no parcel over 55 lbs). Belongings or freight exceeding these limits will be charged an additional fee.

Normal Freight—any item weighing less than 55 lbs, that can be stacked and stowed. Examples: luggage bags, boxes and plastic storage totes. If over the freight allowance a minimum charge of $6.75 or .09 cents a pound will be due.

Special Handling—any item that cannot be stacked and stowed with normal freight, or weighing over 55 lbs. Transporting special handling items is at the discretion of the Captain and charged at a minimum of $13.50 per 75 lbs or .18 cents a pound (bulky freight is charged at .85 cents per cubic foot) Examples: flowers, chainsaw, heavy coolers, collapsed strollers, and overweight tool boxes.

View our full “Freight and Packing Guidelines” page here.

Bicycles and Strollers

Normal size bicycles (no over sized/electric bikes) and collapsed strollers are allowed and charged at the Special Handling freight rate of 13.50 one way or 27.00 round trip. Please reserve space for bike transport, as there is a maximum number of bikes allowed to be transported each day, due to space restrictions.  Neither of these items can have attached or be loaded with other items.

Food, Alcohol, and Restrooms

There is a snack bar on board both vessels (cash only).  The menu includes coffee, soft drinks, muffins, bagel, soup, microwaved sandwiches, candy and chips to name a few items.

There are restrooms on board all vessels.

Can I bring my Pet?

Yes, but pets must remain in a pet cage and the owner must stay with the pet, which will remain in the designated pet area on the outer deck, at all times while underway. $14.50 round-trip in the owner’s cage / $27.00 round-trip in a Boat Company cage. Pets are not allowed on the Lady Express during the high season.

View our full Pet & Service Animal policy here.

What are the charges for Freight, Pets, Strollers and Bikes?

Additional Charges………………………one way………round trip

Bicycle/Stroller (collapsed)…………$13.50…………$27.00
Pet in your Cage…………………………$7.25…………..$14.50
Pet in our Cage…………………………..$13.50…………$27.00
Normal Freight…………………………..$6.75 per 75 lbs.
Special Handling………………………..$13.50  per 75 lbs.
Overnight Parking………………………$9.00 per night

All freight must be marked with name, contact info, and destination.

Can I ride the boat with my Service Dog?

SERVICE ANIMAL means a DOG that is individually TRAINED to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability.

  • It is a misdemeanor to fake a service dog.
  • No other species are allowed Public Access as a Service Animal.
  • Comfort, Therapy, or Emotional Support dogs do not meet the definition of a service animal.
  • Service Dogs must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents him from using these devices. Individuals who cannot use such devices must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

Service animals may be excluded if:

  • The dog is out of control and the handler cannot or does not regain control; or
  • The dog is not housebroken.

If a service dog is excluded as a service animal, the individual will be allowed to travel without the service dog and/or the Dog/Pet rules would apply to the dog.

View our full Pet & Service Animal policy here.

Are the boats Wheelchair accessible?

Our boats are wheelchair accessible for standard wheelchairs, not exceeding 25 inches in width. Be advised that due to their size and weight, powered and cart-type chairs are difficult to accommodate and make boarding difficult to impossible. 

View our full Wheelchair Access policy here.

Can I bring my Firearm onboard?

Yes, however the firearm must be unloaded with the bolt open, and must be presented to the Captains separate from other luggage, and will be transported in the pilot house with the Captains.

Can I bring Flammable Fuels?

Only flammable fuels in small quantities necessary for cooking will be transported, when presented to the Captain separate from other luggage for proper storage.  No other flammable fuels can be transported.

Maintenance of Schedule and Landing of Passengers

Lake Chelan Boat Company will not be liable for delays caused by large crowds, breakdowns, storms, or other conditions beyond its control, though every effort will be made to meet the published time schedule. Lake Chelan Boat Company will endeavor to land regularly at all points listed in its time schedule, as well as flag stops. However, when the conditions of docks or weather make landing impossible or unduly hazardous, passengers will be landed at the nearest regular stop possible.

Objectionable Passengers

Objectionable Passengers:
Lake Chelan Boat Company reserves the right to refuse transporation to anyone:

  • under the influence of controlled substances
  • incapable of taking care of themselves
  • whose conduct may be objectionable to other passengers
  • not abiding by the company rules or causing safety concerns