Covid-19 Policies 2021

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your consideration of traveling with us. It is your decision when it is the right time to go out and travel again and we will honor and respect that. We want everyone to always be safe, feel safe, and comfortable while traveling with us.

**If you are at all uncomfortable about traveling with others, or at risk, we recommend not traveling with us at this time. Being a ferry service, we have limited space and cannot guarantee 6-feet of social distancing on the Lady Express or Lady Liberty.**

Here is what you will be seeing from us in 2021:

  1. MASKS are required unless you have a medical reason to not wear one. You are making a choice to board a confined space vessel.  Yes, you have plenty of options to sit outside but please do your part to keep us all safe and wear your masks.
  2. New online ticketing system so passengers can purchase tickets remotely and not come into the office or have a congested line for tickets at Fields Point. Yes, you can still call and purchase tickets or walk into our office. You will however not need a ticket from the office.  You can print them at home, or you can check in with your mobile device.
  3. Dock Spacing:
    1. You will have ample space to maintain your social distancing at our ports. Please use your own precautions to insure you are comfortable.
    2. Employee only loading and offloading of freight wherever possible.
    3. Fencing were appropriate to assist in crowd control. 
  4. Inside Each Boat
      1. Hand sanitizer
      2. Employee masks and gloves where appropriate.
      3. Cleaning high traffic surfaces while under way and/or at the layover ports.
  5. Continue all current policies, safety procedures and cautions that have already been implemented.
  6. Continue to keep employees at home if they feel sick

We do require masks to be worn on our vessels and expect our passengers to comply.  We understand you are on vacation but in times like these please make it your responsibility to help protect others while enjoying yourself.

For the most current and up to date information please visit our Facebook Page and Website.

Thank you everyone.


Discover Lake Chelan & Lake Chelan Boat Co. Management Team

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