Schedule - Combination Trip

The Combination Trip

Take the Lady Express to Stehekin and return on the Lady of the Lake II. This gives you a 3 hour layover, to truly explore Stehekin without staying overnight.

The Lady Express will get you to Stehekin in about 2.5 hours, giving you a 3 hour layover before the departure of the Lady of the Lake II.  This allows you the maximum Stehekin layover time of all travel options.  You have time to have lunch, take the Rainbow Falls Bus Tour or rent bicycles, visit the gift shop, and take a tour of the National Park Service's Golden West Visitor Center. You will leave Stehekin on the Lady of the Lake II at approximately 2pm and enjoy a leisurely trip back to Field's Point or Chelan.

Memorial Day Weekend – Sat, Sun and Mon
June 15 thru September 17th - Daily

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Leave Chelan Boat Co Dock aboard the Lady Express 8:30am
Field's Point Landing 9:20am
Arrive in Stehekin 11:00am
Enjoy your layover in Stehekin 3 hour
Board the Lady of the Lake II and Leave Stehekin 2:00pm
*Moore Point 2:15pm
Lucerne (Port of Holden Village) 2:30pm
*Prince Creek 3:15pm
Field's Point Landing 4:45pm
Arrive in Chelan 6:00pm


One-Way to Stehekin on the Lady Express $37.00
One-Way return from Stehekin on the Lady of the Lake II $24.00
Total Cost $61.00
Children age 2 through 11 are half fare, Children under 2 ride for free
Schedules and rates are subject to change without notice. Delays in schedule may occur during peak season and holiday.

*Flag stop only when landing is safe.

**Note: if you are traveling to Stehekin and spending the night, you can reverse the Combination Trip and take the Lady of the Lake II to Stehekin and return on the Lady Express the next day. You must be staying overnight in order for this to work, since the Lady Express leaves Stehekin at 12:00, and the Lady II does not arrive until 12:30 so this Reverse Combo can not be done in the same day.**


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