Welcome Aboard!

Following are our Onboard Rules -- they are applicable while aboard the ferry vessel or at the ferry landing facilities.

These are provided to ferry passengers so a safe and secure trip is available to all.

Follow all directions from the ferry crew regarding safety, emergencies & orderly behavior. Any instructions given by the crew during the trip, at boarding, landing and disembarking must be observed.


1. Ferry fares and rates are established and published with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. Crew members do not have the authority to change these, please do not ask them to. If you have queastions about rates, please contact the main office in Chelan.

2. Consuming alcohol, smoking any substance, or the use of illegal drugs, are prohibited anywhere on or within the ferry vessel or ferry landing docks and grounds. Exception: Alcohol service on Private Charters with the appropriate Washington State Alcohol Permit or purchases from the Lady of the Lake II galley are permitted.

3. Pets must remain in a pet cage and the owner must stay with the pet, which will remain in the designated pet area at all times while underway. No pets are allowed on the Lady Express in the Summer. Service Dogs are allowed per ADA Regulations.

4. Do no tamper with safety or life-saving equipment.

5. Remain in areas designated for passengers. Do not enter any unauthorized area, including the Baggage Area. Once you have surrendered your belongings to be stowed, no access is allowed to those items.

6. Do not litter; including throwing objects on the ferry vessel or overboard.

7. Weapons must be presented to the Captain prior to departure, unless you are a law enforcement officer on duty.

8. No use of open flames, cooking,

9. No engagement in any actions that may be annoying or hazardous to others or to the ferry vessel.

10. No destruction, defacement, damage, or theft to any personal or company property. Any vandalism or theft will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

11. Radios, music players, electronic equipment or musical equipment may be used only when earphones are utilized or silenced, so the sound is audible only to the individual listener.

12. Act respectfully toward each other and the ferry crew. Please, no quarreling, pushing, loud noises, vulgar or obscene language or gestures, fighting, etc.

Crew members are obligated to report violations of the above regulations to Management and/or the appropriate authorities. Violations may cause you to be refused passage.

Thank you for your cooperation -

Lake Chelan Boat Company Management