Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

Our boats are wheelchair accessible for standard wheelchairs, not exceeding 25 inches in width. Be advised that due to their size and weight, powered and cart-type chairs are difficult to accommodate and make boarding difficult to impossible. View our full Wheelchair Access policy here. 

Can I bring pets on the boat?

Yes, but pets must remain in a pet cage and the owner must stay with the pet, which will remain in the luggage area, at all times while underway. $14.50 round-trip in the owner’s cage / $27.00 round-trip in a Boat Company cage. View our full Pet & Service Animal policy here.

I require a service animal, can I ride on the boat?

Our vessels allows for service dogs onboard, however we do not allow other species of service animal aboard. We would like to make clear that Comfort, Therapy, or Emotional Support dogs do not meet the definition of a service animal, and are not allowed onboard. View our full Pet & Service Animal policy here.

I want to take my bike uplake, can I bring it on the boat?

Absolutely! Our price per bike is $27.00 round-trip. Please reserve space for bike transport, as there is a maximum number of bikes allowed to be transported each day, due to space restrictions.

May I bring my firearm onboard?

Yes, however the firearm must be unloaded with the bolt open, and must be presented to the Captains separate from other luggage, and will be transported in the pilot house with the Captains. 

 Click here to view our entire List of regulations